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Inflatable Buildings & Portable Structures

ice-domeLindstrand is an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of Super Pressure Structures, Drop Stitch Technology, and Air Cell Technology.

Air Cell Structures

We produce a standard range of inflatable structures such as hangars and shelters, storage and decontamination units as well as bespoke buildings and permanent roofs which are designed to the customer's specific requirements.

Air cell structures are advanced constructions made with two layers of material with fabric formers in between. They are self-supporting by means of air fans with no need for foundations, hardware or guy wires. Air cell structures can be used in practically any environment and are ideally suited to both military and civilian applications.

Super Pressure Structures

These impressive buildings use over pressurisation in the entire structure, i.e. it is completely sealed to the ground and entry / exit to and from the structure is either through an air lock with two doors or through a revolving door.

This technology has been used to produce the award winning AV Dome. It is at its most impressive at night when used in conjunction with a highly advanced projection system inside the structure which projects images onto the dome's surface giving a 360° seamless, high definition video seen from inside and outside.

Drop Stitch Structures

Drop stitch structures are fast to inflate and deflate and are the best way to achieve a completely flat surface which can be walked over. This technology can be applied to loading support for use in the trucking industry, inflatable flood walls and inflatable fenders for use in the ship painting industry, and are available in thicknesses from 5cm to 50cm.

Using drop stitch, we have produced award winning structures which have been recognised by the IFAI (Industrial Fabrics Association International).