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Thermal Airships


Excellent advertising platforms in fair weather conditions.

Because hot air has only a third of the lift of helium, thermal airships are very large for a given payload. However, they are very impressive vehicles to look at and are excellent advertising platforms in fair weather conditions.

In the 1970s the Lindstrand team was the first to build a Type Certified pressurized thermal airship. Since then over 100 thermal airships have been produced by the Lindstrand Team.

AS-300 – the world's largest thermal airship (300,000 cubic feet) with an underslung raft - was constructed for French botanists in 1993. The raft, positioned by the airship on top of the tree canopies in the rain forest, is detached from the airship and used by the botanists to carry the research without damage to the rainforest. Upon completion of research at a given location, the airship returns to pick up the raft and scientists and fly to a new research location.