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Helium Airships


The first airship to use electrical fly-by-wire flight control.

The GA-42 airship (42,000ft³ gas filled airship) enhanced airship flying qualities and reduced the pilot's workload.

One of the most successful inventions of the Lindstrand Team, the GA-42 was first introduced back in 1980's and it broke new ground in lighter-than-air industry, making airship operations affordable to a wider customer base and suitable for pilot training. It was also the first airship to use electrical fly-by-wire flight control (no mechanical connection between the side stick controller and the fin-mounted control surfaces).

Spring 2004, Lindstrand supplied the world's first fully functional unmanned airship to the Ministry of Defense in Spain. This airship carried a 42 kg classified payload and its surveillance mission was also classified. Four years later this airship, which is designated GA-22, still flies on an almost daily basis.

July 2008, GA-22 became the latest addition to BAE Systems growing portfolio of autonomous systems. A 22-meter long airship, perfect for deployment in roles such as communications relay stations, is adapted to carry payloads up to 150 kilograms in weight to heights of more than 6,500 ft.

Currently radio controlled, the plan is to make it fully autonomous.