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Aerostat Portfolio

nofoNOFO aerostat was ordered by a Norwegian rescue ship. It has a day and night camera and transmits a picture to a monitor on the bridge from which it is controlled.

Normally, the Captain on the bridge can see only 11kms, but with an aerostat at 3,000ft, his visibility is increased up to 110kms. Thus, an aerostat can increase visibility by a factor of 10 in all directions, with a cost increase of only 2% of the cost of the ship.



British Meteorology Centre - Lindstrand manufactured this aerostat for the British Meteorology Office weather research.


crane-aerostatCrane Aerostat - Lindstrand supplied this aerostat to the US Navy as part of the program handled by the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). The aerostat carries cameras for surveillance application. Specifically it is intended for the defence of Navy ports and US Marine Corp basis.


german-army-aerostatGerman Army Aerostat - This aerostat is different from the previous ones as it uses hydrogen rather than helium gas as the lifting medium. Hydrogen gas is very cheap and therefore it gets deflated after use and needs no mooring station. This aerostat lifts up to 100 kg payloads, which get released during flight. Its exact use is classified.